Zenobia Kargbo is born and raised in Sierra Leone. She went to Becklyn Nusery and Prep School, attending the St Josephs Secondary School for Girls and graduated with a degree of Social works at the Fouray Bay College. Her hobbies are reading, writing, travelling and doing charity work. Zenobia loves working with children amd often does charity events every December around Christmas, where she give clothes, books, food stuff and toys to the kids - being able to make them smile is a priceless reward. Visiting new places and learning about new cultures is amazing, she has been to Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa and wants to travel more and see the world. Zenobia loves Literature and has a passion for writing. Zenobia enjoys writing murder mystery and romanceĀ  stories. Recently one of her screenplays was filmed which was a great accomplishment. Her big dream is to share her screenplays with Sierra Leone and hopefully the world. According to Zenobia she loves entertainment and presenting at Capital Radio is a great experience. She says she has learnt so much about myself and how she can better her craft as a radio presenter. Zenobia says 'As a woman I believe that being financially independent in this day and age is a must. I want to further my education get a second degree and hopefully a PHD'.