One foot in Sierra Leone and the other in Nigeria

Capital Presenter Dinma Martins was born in Nigeria and arrived here in Sierra Leone just in time for her Secondary Education.

It was at her High School that Dinma discovered her own tremendous interest in Current Affairs which encouraged her to participate in the school debates discussing the various issues of the day. The thought occurred to Dinma that radio would be a good medium to air these issues in front of maximum audiences. She determined that for a career she would explore radio and Capital Radio in particular.

Today, Dinma presents several programmes on Capital, particularly as an alternate Presenter for the Morning to Midday Show, the women’s interest programme, where there are many opportunities on a daily basis for discussions and debates. She has a style of marrying ‘the serious stuff’ with popular music from around the world. Outside of broadcasting, Art in its many forms holds a fascination for Dinma Martins. Listening to Dinma you should expect to learn a lot about the art of makeup, dress making, hair dressing as well as the core art – drawing.

Dinma has a life time motto: “You only live once – choose wisely!”